You will reap what you have sown3 min read

‘ All is one.’ ‘All is Brahman.’ ‘Duality or appearance has no independent existence.’

The thesis can be proved intellectually; but it is not the reasoning which carries a real conviction in such vital matters. It is the realizing of the Truth through discipline, devotion and meditation, in the inner life, which ends the darkness of appearance and reveals the truth of light and peace. Patience, faith, endurance, courage and dispassion are the ruling principles of the life of an aspirant.

In oder to keep the mind within check and realize the light of God within and without.

‘Sit quiet a few minutes. By breathing deeply and slowly “OM,” lift the mind from the body consciousness to the peace of pure cogition. Meditate on the fact that the body and the mind are made up of matter; matter in the earth, in the sea, in the air, in the sun and the sky is one, one. As a physical body, you are at one with the whole material universe. The remotest star and the deepest underground matter is one and it is the same as your body. Forget all duality in this idea.

Then meditate that the thinking principle, the mind in you, in Plato, in Shankara, in Goethe, in Hegel, is one, one. There is no plurality of the mind. You are the holy mind of the great Acharyas (Teachers). You are the unchecked and demoralised mind of an Iago or a Cassius. In fact, the mind is pure, like the light. The evil mind is an aberration of the great mind. You can shut your eyes in the mid-day and see darkness all round. The pure mind which thinks, which compares, is one, one.

Then all life is one. In the realms of the lower regions, in the fish and in the birds, also in the sage and the babble of the child, there is the same one life. How irrational it is to think of doing violence to any creature, when all life is one.

The spirit reveals the light and gives motion to the mind. It is imagination, cognition and recognition. It is all-pervasive and unlimited. It is blissfulness, pure, untainted and untaintable.

You are That. All matter and mind constantly change, but the spirit is beyond change. It is the only reality. Your ‘I’ is the spirit. You are the highest good. You are Shiva. Repeat this truth mentally.

A pure mind conceives the unity. Your mind, burdened with earthly desires and given to them is an impure mind. In it there is little room for the inner light. A tranquil mind, unmoved by desire, attachment and fanaticism, is the right soil for the growth of spiritual wisdom.

‘All is God.’ Then why fear? Why worry? Cultivate courage and equanimity. The love of a Romeo is dangerous. The highest love is that which elevates the mind in tranquillity and unity, disburdened of all desires. It is the first step to the love of all-light, through desirelessness and non-egoity.

You will reap what you have sown. Be good, and sow the seeds of peace, selfless benevolence and active universal goodwill. Then wait and take what comes calmly. Do not fear death, or pain, or loss. A higher law governs your life, and not your own care and worry.

Sing songs of praise and read the poetry of Surdas and Tulsidas. Copy the life of Shri Hanuman, in daily life.

You are a stranger in this world. Live like a pilgrim, in all love and goodwill, but with no attachment to any.