Withdrawal, Unity and Identity.1 min read

In the physical world we live because of the sun. If the sun were completely withdrawn, the world would be a dead mass in a few minutes. Although the sun is millions of miles away, the lotus and all life responds to its influence. The rubies deep in the earth absorb its light.

God is the sun of the outer as well as the inner life. The physical sun borrows light and splendour from God. In the inner realm God is manifest as our Self, as pure consciousness and truth. Let us unite our mind with the Self and turn it into pure knowledge and love.

As diamonds in a dark deep mine suck and absorb the light of the sun, so let our mind absorb truth by meditation, devotion and service and express God as love, wisdom and renunciation.

The moon absorbs the light of the sun and lets it out in profusion when the sun has gone down. So let us radiate love, wisdom and renunciation for the good of the men of the world.

Remember the three important words which serve as our guides : withdrawal, unity and identity.