Why weary yourself with needless cares?1 min read

Thy ego is a seal on the treasury which is within thee ;
Why not break the seal and enjoy the wealth of the Universe ?
The eyes of my heart are opened,
The beauty of the Beloved has penetrated into my mind.
He stands before me ;
Now is the time to exchange glances with the Friend.
He whose beauty and splendour is like the mid-day sun,
Whose charms make the soul forgetful of itself,
He himself is the perceiver ;
Why does he hide his face under a veil ?
Why do you cast your shadow ?
Why do you run to catch it ?
The shadow runs as you run.
Why do you grieve over it ?
The burden of the support of relatives
And the protection of wealth and property, is Rama.
When you have such a good horse,
Why weary yourself with the weight of needless cares ?