Why be burned and shrivelled in my flame ?1 min read

The flame burns and diffuses light.
The moths, by a force unknown,
Long to love and be united
With the consuming flame; poor little lovers!
The flame speaks gently, “keep away from me.
You do no good to me,
Why be burned and shrivelled in my flame ?
Live the moments of your life.
Love flowers sweet, and float
In the cool wind with your mates
The moths reply cheerfully:—
“The Maker of heaven and earth,
The force that loves order and harmony,
Compels us to be consumed in thee,
Dost thou not burn and, bit by bit,
Melt thy being in light and tears ?”
Love knows no reason; seeks no reward.
We do not know what comes; enough it is to love,
And if consumed in thee, the immortal part of our being
Is freed from the prison of limitations.
We are merged in the light supreme—
The life of the peaceful heaven,
The life of the garden of roses and lilies