When the mind is active, it should rest on the personal God, Saguna Brahman.

It should meditate on Vishnu, Jesus, Krishna, Rama; these are highest conceptions by meditating on which the mind slowly begins to lose its activity. If you imagine Jesus teaching on the Mount of Olives in His divine glory, and rest your mind on it and imagine that you are also one of the disciples, then your active mind will begin to lose its activity. Beauty makes the mind pacified. When you see fields of daisies, larks singing, the sun in the sky, you begin to lose the activity of your mind. When the mind becomes passive, then at once switch it to meditation on the Absolute, the unconditioned Nirvishesha. You will say that the mind cannot dwell on It. Quite right! Then meditate on “Shivoham, Shivoham. That unconditioned state I am. That absolute peace and consciousness I am.”

Alternate these two vrittis. One is the preliminary-process; the other is the process of perfection and success. The mind will then slowly begin to melt, as a lump of salt thrown into water slowly begins to melt. And, when the mind has melted, the coloured smoked glasses which created the false vision of the world will fall away and what remains is the reality. This is the meaning of ‘playing with reality’.

Let man first be man, that is, let man first humanize and purify his mind and, when the mind is purified, apply it to meditation and so forth. Through meditation and vairagya, through the service of the Teacher and universal compassion, through the slow process of universalization of the ego, the light will dawn and you will feel “Shivoham, Shivoham.” OM.

Ibsen, in his play Brand, brings out a great idea: “Either all or nothing.” We have not the eloquence of Ibsen. The truth is: “Either Brahman as our own Self or bondage and all its accessories – pleasure, pain, headache, old age, disease, reputation and disreputation.” Therefore the advanced Yogis, when asked, say: “When you are willing to sacrifice your life for an object, you will achieve it.”

The boast of Tamburlaine was that he had fought hundreds of engagements and no sword had scratched him. Napoleon threw himself in front of the bullets of the enemy and was unhurt. When his friend Ney told him to be careful, he said at Austerlitz: “The bullet to kill me has not yet been cast.” You can only achieve something great when you are willing to stake all for it. In order to achieve the purpose of life, which is natural and which you cannot escape, let us play with life and take only the Yoga seriously. The Yoga is not for the mean, the starving, the body-loving; they have yet to learn through the fire of ignorance, but all must come to it eventually. Therefore, why not undertake it willingly? There is nothing sweeter than Govinda. Swami Rama Tirtha said: “Slowly, silently, let us purify our hearts of all except Shiva. Then ‘Shivoham’ will become a reality.” “Brahman is ever-attained and natural.” By means of devotion and meditation, even what is not natural is obtained, what to say of Brahman which is ever-achieved. Courage, friends, courage! Sacrifice for the good of humanity and you will change the fate of the world.

Two thousand years ago, two boys in Canton were studying by the light of glow-worms which they had collected. A Minister, who was passing by, laughed and asked if they meant to be Prime Ministers when they grew up. They replied in the affirmative and, according to the woman historian Pan-ku, they both later became Prime Ministers of Han dynasty.

Gita Shastra 15.12: “The light which is in the sun, which illumines the whole world, which is in the moon and the stars, which is in the fire, O Arjuna, know that light to be Mine, the light of Atman, Vishnu.” Let us always meditate on it. Beauty, success, comfort, truth, whatever it is, wherever it is, know all to be an extension of your own Atman. It is yours. It is you. You are Shiva. OM.

May all hearts be purified and turn to their Maker in themselves! Om Namo Narayanaya. OM.



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