What is the world, and what is man’s mission here?

Question: What is the world, and what is man’s mission here?

Answer: The world, nay, the whole cosmos, is a partial manifestation of God. What the rays of the sun are to the sun, what brilliance is to the diamond, the world is to God. God, being consciousness Absolute, is not exhausted by the cosmos. This periodically comes out of Him and then goes back to Him. It is not real, but has only an appearance.

The colours of the rainbow are an appearance, but the sun which creates them is real. So, the beauties of the world, as well as the imperfections, are not real, but God behind them is.

The only purpose of the ego of man-the seat of the “I “-is to realise its identity with God. Man is here in this school of the world to learn this one lesson, to forget all limitations, and to know livingly his oneness with all.

Love, Beauty, the sense of pleasure and the like, are meant to open the eyes of man to the fact that within him is God, who is the source of all Love, all Beauty, and all Bliss, and that indulgence in the outer pleasures will not quench his thirst.

So, dear Yogis, when pleasures of the world are enjoyed, the delights which are experienced are part of the Bliss of God, and come out of the inner being of man himself, but, being deluded, man thinks that they come from the indulgence of the senses.

Then he is overpowered by illness, mental exhaustion, the faithlessness of friends, and such experiences. Thus he realises the hollowness of these pleasures. Everyone has to learn this some day; blessed are those who can do so without suffering.

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