What is the secret of overcoming past events?1 min read

Question: In our lives we have all done things which we have not been too proud of on reflection, and at times when we gain understanding these happenings tend to haunt us.

What is the secret of overcoming these past events and happenings which seem to hold us back when we want to go forward?

Answer: It is an important point. If we revert back to that stage we are reverting back to something which is gone, but we cannot forget it unless we do something creative now.

We must immediately do something creative for somebody or in connection with our own spiritual development whenever these thoughts come.

A psycho-analyst, quoted with approval by Dr. Shastri on this point, told his patients that if they were attacked by remorse during the day, they should go to the nearest railway station or other crowded place, and not come back till they had helped someone actively, either with luggage or in some other way. Especially in the middle of the night, if these thoughts come, Swami Rama Tirtha says one should get up immediately, wash the face, then perform one of the yogic practices at once. It is very important to do something immediately.

All things must pass, and soon;

Its nest will hide the cuckoo,

And the clouds will hide the moon.

Kwago (Japanese)