What is moksha?1 min read

Moksha is destruction of nescience. The result of moksha is cosmic consciousness.

Ishvara (God) is never in bondage, so the word moksha does not apply to Him. He is the Lord of maya (the cosmic illusion); though conditioning Himself, He is unconditioned, because His conditioning is self-willed and not imposed by karma.

Moksha is caused when the karmas are annihilated by jnana (knowledge). Jnana is the light of the original chit (consciousness), shining by itself and in itself. Moksha is the normal state of the spirit. Though it cannot be described, yet it is experienced. There can, however, be an indirect definition—Sat-Chit- Anandam (Existence—Consciousness—Bliss).

Though we cannot say anything about moksha, we can say something of mukta. The word moksha is an abstract noun, meaning ‘release’; mukta is ‘the released one’ who is in fact nitya-mukta (‘ever-released’). As a dream tiger is killed by a dream sword, so the higher forms of maya—shravana, manana and nididhyasana (listening to, reflecting on, and meditating on the Truth)—cut the bondage of illusion.