Walking physically on water means nothing

The empirical joy and spiritual freedom are obtainable only through one means and that means is Jnana.

We may call it meditation, but it is something more than meditation. The first is withdrawal of the mind from the sense-objects, EKAGRATA; this can be done by closing the eyes and by thinking inwardly of OM.

Then you take the holy symbol OM and meditate on it with full inward force; that is to say hold the picture firmly and long.  The second step is called TANMAYETA; that is to say, to let the mind become the object of meditation.  Here the distinction between the subject and the object goes and only the image of the object of meditation remains.  This should be held as long as possible, and as often as possible during the day.  It is to be preferred to any amusement, any talk, any reading or to any friendly intercourse.

The last is TATATMANTA, that is to enter into the Atman or essence of the subject of meditation.  The meaning is that any symbol, whether image or word, stands on a substratum which is pure consciousness.  When the consciousness underlying the object of meditation and the consciousness of man, which in fact are one and the same, are merged and form one complete whole called Brahman or God, the problem of life is solved.

By doing this meditation well you will be able to walk on the waters. Walking physically on water means nothing; it is the ever changing Sansara which is symbolised as water; and that you will walk on it means that you will live in Sansara as a perfect master of it, uncontaminated by it and beyond all sorrow and limitations.


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