Verses of Khujand1 min read

Khujand was the favourite poet of Mir am Shah, son of Tamerlaine the Great and Governor of Azerbaijan.

Mir am Shah provided him with a small palace and everything which riches could buy, but he did not avail himself of these luxuries, preferring to sleep on a mat of reeds and using a stone as his pillow. His main object was to live as a servant of God, which he did concealing his spiritual attainments from all save his most intimate friends.

Here is a great company of the fair ones.
Here is my paradise and my last resting-place.
The lips of the cup-bearer and the wine goblet’s brim
Are mine too.
My door has been a stranger to fortune
Which visits its favourites and leaves them cold and dry ;
That joy, which others have ignored,
sits at my door As my servant.
Do not come to my door with sorrow in your heart,
Lest people should say
It is unlawful to indulge in sorrow
At that sacred place.
In my audience chamber are no seats of honour,
Nor is there a threshold.
King and dervish are equally welcom
for none knows distinction In my court.
Often they ask of Khujand :
“ What spiritual height have you gained ? ”
But I have no position, no abode, no lodging,
Nor longing for any.