Verses from the prayer of the essence of knowledge1 min read

Thou the One Self, transcendent of all,
the seed of the world, the source of existence,
Bodiless, formless, known as “OM”,
From whom the world comes, who sustains it,
I worship that Lord, in whom the world is finally absorbed.
Who is not the earth, nor water, nor fire, nor air, nor ether—
He is neither sleep, nor the point of junction of waking and sleep,
He is neither summer, nor winter, neither space, nor garment,
He who has no image and yet has three forms,
That Lord I adore.
The unborn, eternal, the cause of all causes,
That Shiva who is One and the fight of fight,
Who is the fourth, ever the same, without an end,
I take refuge in Him, who is a great purifier of the heart, who is without duality.
Salutations, again salutations to the Lord all-pervading,
Whose form is the multiple universe,
Salutations, again salutations to Him who is Consciousness and Bliss.

These were verses from “the prayer of the essence of knowledge ” by Shri Shankaracharya