Truth is the eternal Brahman. Truth is Silence.2 min read

Truth cannot be expressed. Expression is change. Everything that changes itself is untruth. Truth is existing as one with all. Truth is identification with the Immortal Essence. Truth is undecaying. From It all things proceed. In It all things exist. Into It all things re-enter. Truth is the Imperishable Home of all beings. Truth is the Ocean of unalloyed bliss, a small fraction of which sustains the entire universe. Truth is life and existence. Untruth is decay and death. Universal love is Truth. Barrier between one thing and another is untruth. The real is Satyasya Satyam—Truth of truths. This is what exists, triumphs and rules.

All, from Brahma down to a blade of grass, are seekers of the One Truth, some consciously, some unconsciously, differing only in degrees of consciousness, the extent of mental purification or subtlety of condition. Every act of life is a step taken nearer the Truth, for Truth is the Joyous Abode of all beings. Into It all enter and find complete satisfaction and supreme peace.

The preliminary requisites of a seeker aftef Truth are embodied in the Sadhana Chatushtaya which constitutes discrimination, dispassion, tranquillity, self-restraint, cessation from earthly business, power of endurance, faith in Truth, concentration of mind and yearning for liberation. A mastery over these qualities is succeeded by practical meditation. This is done either through service and selfsacrifice (Karma Yoga), devotion and self-surrender (Bhakti Yoga), or discrimination and knowledge (Jnana Yoga). These triple roads lead to the common ideal and goal of all, the all-embracing Unity—call it God, the Truth, the Absolute or whatever you may. Words to not matter. It is feeling that counts. And that is the same.

Robed in the sagely garment of perfect tranquillity, contentment, calmness of mind, power of endurance unflinching faith in the Self, the inner Being of all, right knowledge of scriptures and profound meditation, ye shall march to the throne of Eternal Glory and Truth-Realization.

Blessed are they, the Truth-seekers, who have emptied their heart and rooted out their ego, the sense of separateness, the force of nescience, and have shattered the self-made limitations and boundaries, for thereby they shall be filled with the bliss of Truth.

A merciless withdrawal from sense of separateness and an affirmation of the idea of Unity constitute the central point of all Sadhanas in all religions. He that loves the world loves not God, for he makes a distinction between the two. One who feels that he is one thing and the other is another has turned away from Truth and has opened the gates of self-imprisonment.

Love all ! Be one with all ! See the One in all ! Make no distinction. Melt all differences ! Enough of barriers between man and man, between one thing and the other. You are all the waves of the One Ocean of everlasting life. Hence you are all One—only One !

Remember this. Practise this ! Realise this !