Time, Time in Dragon Pool

Time, Time

In Japan in the thirteenth century, old people who were deemed useless were taken up a mountain to die. In this case, a son decided his father had to go since he had become a burden. “We are going to take grandpa to the top of the mountain and leave him there,” he told his own little son. The boy, who was fond of his grandpa, asked why he couldn’t stay at home with them. “No,” said the father, “it is kinder that way, when old people are confused and useless.” They got a dilapidated sedan chair, bundled the old man into it, and went to the mountaintop. The child asked his father to take grandpa out of the chair and bring it down.
“No, there’s no need, this is an old chair, no use to anyone.”
“But I need it for you when your time comes,” said the boy.
It’s nice to record that the father reconsidered and they brought grandpa down.

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