Throw the burden of wealth and fame from off thy head and sleep soundly1 min read

51. At every moment feel that Death is approaching. Suddenly O Nirbhaya., he will draw his sword from the scabbard.

52. When he knocks at thy door nothing more can be accomplished, therefore do now what thou shoudst do O Nirbhaya.

53. Search for the meeting place of thy fellow devotees O Nirbhaya; in. their company thy sorrows will be over and thy heart will know peace.

54. O Nirbhaya! Thy irritable temper will give thee nothing but trouble. I tell thee this is a fault; rectify it.

55. Know those to be thy teachers who find fault with thy conduct; salute them, O Nirbhaya

56. The boat of the world will founder some day O Nirbhaya; kings, beggars -all will go.

57. Praise others O Nirbhaya, and do no harm to any. If thou dost please them thou wilt have peace.

58. Throw the burden of wealth and fame from off thy head; sleep soundly O Nirbhaya.

59. Look on this magic show, the world, O Nirbhaya. Thou hast a. human body, do not waste it.

60. O Nirbhaya do what will give thee real joy; know the secret of the world and God; give up illusion and be happy.

 These stanzas should be repeated slowly every day by devotees of God.

This practice will be found most helpful,


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