Thou art the eternal Witness As the Veda has proclaimed3 min read

Thou art pure unbroken bliss,
My dear one,
Thou art the eternal Witness
As the Veda has proclaimed.
Thou hast neither beginning, middle nor end:
In that which is eternally pure and ever free
Thou hast sown the seeds of bondage.
Thou bearest not the faintest trace
Of birth and death, coming or going.
O Nirbhaya Rama,
Thou standest pervading all.
Yet somehow thou hast contrived
To fall into the well of illusion.
Pay a little attention to the supreme texts, brother!
In thy true nature thou art perfect infinitude:
Thou has danced to the groggy rhythms of nescience,
And now thou hast fallen senseless.
Thou has no relationships in the world,
Father, mother, brother is all illusion.
O Nirbhaya, acquire the intoxication Of sovereign bliss!
Lay hold of the blessings That flow from the Guru’s feet.
Some adopt the doctrines of the Dadu Panth
In a spirit of dogmatism,
Some insist similarly on the poems of Kabir,
Some practice mauna, sitting alone in utter silence,
Others follow the wrong path of Gorakh Nath,
Others study the methods of the Jogis,
Kick their legs high
And dance about like buffoons.
Nirbhaya Rama has seen that all this is an illusion,
He has brought the whole scaffolding of the world
Tumbling down with a crash.
Some shave their heads
And rub their faces and bodies with ashes
And sit behind closed doors.
Some coil their hair high
And walk about unsteadily,
Drunk with pride.
Some don the mendicant’s ragged robe
And the yogi’s enormous ear-rings,
Their matted locks threaded with a necklace.
Nirbhaya Rama has dealings with no one,
He has withdrawn from the meshes of the world.
Some read books on Astrology,
Set up horoscopes
And advise others how to dodge the evil planets.
Some become doctors and distribute medicines,
Some associate sympathetically with the poor and afflicted,
Some resort to mantras, tantras and yantras,
Proving their prowess
By allowing themselves to be buried alive.
Nirbhaya Rama has attained the bliss of Brahman,
His passions destroyed,
He sleeps with legs outstretched.
Open your eyes and look, you simpleton,
Death is approaching you angrily
Like a black snake.
He’ll gobble up everyone in a trice,
Whether he be Maulvi or Munshi,Pundit or Lala.
He will not grant any special reprieve.
To those who carry beads or a deerskin.
Nirbhaya Rama has acquired the bliss of knowledge
And known the world is an illusion.
Some celebrate the Muharram in style,
Beating their breasts and indulging in antics
And later distributing sweets and pilao.
Some burn oil all night over the Quran
To learn the secret of Ramzan.
Nirbhaya Rama has known his own true nature,
He wants no talk of further birth now.
Thou hast neither fashion, colour nor form:
Thou art relationless, why be downcast ?
Give up all thought of hell
And also of heaven with its houris.
End the error of seeing distinctions
And remain in eternal bliss, thine own nature.
Take the hint from Nirbhaya Rama,
The intoxicated one.
If thou hast an ear,
Listen to these brief words.
Some adopt the garb of a religious mendicant
As a means to obtain food,
And pass their time cracking jokes
And chewing betel-nut.
Some place a rosary round their necks
And proceed to pamper the body.
Some don magnificent turbans
And twist their moustaches in the mirror.
Nirbhaya Rama has attained Knowledge of Brahman,
His horse is back in the stable!

Peem by Nirbhaya Rama

Dadu—a teacher who lived in 1544-1603. His ‘Panth’ means a community of his followers after his death.

Gorakh Nath—founder of Hatha Yoga. Taught about 1220 a.d. according to one piece of evidence.

Lala—stands for a Hindu merchant of standing.

The tasbih – Muslim rosary.

Muharram—the festival celebrating and mourning the slaughter of ‘Ali by

Yazid at Kerbala near Kufra.

There is a play of words between ‘ramz’ = secret, and Ramzan, the sacred month of the Muslims