Those who embark upon a spiritual path always have criticisms levelled at them

Those who embark upon a spiritual path always have the criticisms levelled at them that they do not practise what they preach. Buddha had this, and so had Christ and Shankara.
Most opposition comes from near relations, friends and dear ones.


Because they felt that they owned you and do not like to have to relinquish their sovereignty.

What must one do?
The best weapon to overcome that opposition is love and again more love. The man who wants to pray makes two broad principles in life. One is that he will render no criticism or cause suffering to any living being. The other, that he will live in contemplation as much as possible. It is yet before dawn when he awakens and takes the holy Name of the Lord — any name.

God will answer to any name, and has no name.

There is one great pitfall which must be avoided. It is a tapas and a discipline, and it is that a seeker of God must cease to criticise anybody. If he finds fault with a friend, even in a small degree, or with anyone else, he will find realization an impossibility.

You will say: “Should we then be blind friends and admirers?” No! You cannot belong to the average run of empiricists and yet be a seeker after spiritual Truth.

“Cover all with God” says Shruti.
When you find fault with anybody, you identify his real being (Sat) with avidya. What can be a greater sin than to try to cover the King of kings with the dirty rags of a vagabond or tramp? Treat each and everyone with great love.

If there is any sin it is to criticise adversely a fellow human being. This is a rule for each and everybody. You need a concentrated mind, directed inward and devoted to the service of God to achieve any proficiency in meditation. One who is given to light pleasures, gossiping, slander, frivolous conversation, criticism of others is incompetent to meditate properly.

It is by practice that you know about meditation. In our society, where people use their talents all too often to try to dominate others, there is an excess of criticism which is destructive and ulimately arid and infertile; and we become votaries, all too often, of “the spirit that denies”.

Mental repose is essential to the study and creation of culture. It is worth while giving up all luxury to have mental repose; and also to give up all hate and criticism of others.

We must have leisure from our material needs and devote it to the study of philosophy, the classics and appreciation of beauty in nature and art.

There is only one sphere in which criticism is profitable and that is in self-criticism and even here it is of little value unless it is a prelude to constructive transformation of the personality which is of much more importance than the self-criticism itself.

From the spiritual point of view all are intrinsically perfect as Paramatman; from the empirical point of view all are equally imperfect as antahkaranas.

Cease to criticise others; love where you can; be simple, detached and devoted to God, and you are on the way to truth.

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