This world is a tinker’s shop1 min read

The cats that live in the workshops of tinkers, where brass and iron are hammered all day into pots, eat their food without a trace of nervousness or fear. They pay no attention to the continual noise of banging and hammering. On the other hand it is observed that the ordinary domestic cat flees at the slightest noise, at a mere knock on the door.

This world is a tinker’s shop. You must get on with your work and pay no attention to the sound of continual hammering, that is, to the suggestions of joy and sorrow. Your real work is to learn the nature of your own Self. This hammering does not fall on you as you are in your real nature.

It is a sort of turmoil that arises in the three “elements” or “constituents” (guna) which make up the world of mind and matter.

Remain established in your own real nature.

“When a man realizes that (in all action) it is the constituents that act upon the constituents (while he, as Witness, is not involved in the activity), he is no longer attached.”

(Bhagavad Gita: III. 28).

A story by Swami Sacchidananda