This world is a snare; realise that everything is passing.1 min read

21. O Nirbhaya: This world is a snare; realise that everything is passing, passing. Apathy in prayer and. devotion does not become thee.

22. Except thine own Self, nothing is thine. O Nirbhaya, every one cares for his own welfare.

23. O Nirbhaya! Overcome thy thirst for worldly enjoyment and pride, which is illusory and fleeting. When thou art clasped by Death, nought will avail thee.

24. O Nirbhaya! Who is thy friend, and whose friend art thou? The wind of karma is driving all objects before it like dry leaves.

25. Thou art the beginning, the middle and the end; but for thy Self, there would be neither man, bird nor saint.

26. Thou hast understood the illusory nature of the world. Give up all sorrow and. rest in thine own Self O Nirbhaya.

27. Continue thy meditation, concentration and absorption always. At the time of death nothing further will be accomplished.

28. Be cheerful O Nirbhaya, there is no cause for gloom thy soul. Death devours the king and his people. All, all must perish.

29. Quench the fire of desire and. sleep peacefully in any place, O Nirbhaya. Do not cry for wealth or family.

30 Be not deluded by the glamour of pleasure-desires, anger and avarice. Sleep in peace O Nirbhaya, wherever thou choosest.
These stanzas should be repeated slowly every day by devotees of God.

This practice will be found most helpful,


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