They have no real home In this fleeting dream of the world1 min read

The wind of Spring Scatters the cherry flowers In love of them—
They have no real home In this fleeting dream of the world.

Written by the Priest Saigyo, who was an officer in the bodyguard of the ex-Emperor Toba. Although a great favourite he resigned his post and took holy orders at the age of twenty-two.

To-day it is raining softly in the groves ;
O companion, see the lightning quivering in the sky,
Little raindrops are borne away by the wind,
Causing the heart delight.
Listen to the rhythmic thunder roll
While the peacocks dance on the lawn.
In the arc of the rainbow
A line of cranes are flying While a dove coos sweetly.
Over the hills, the clouds spread a pall
Of enchanting loveliness.
The whole earth seems to stir As the flowers wave in the breeze.
Says Vyasa : “ The chatak bird is calling ‘ Piu, Piu ’
Nor is his thirst for the nectarine shower quenched.
My heart is thirsty for the sight of Krishna,
O when will He appear ? ”

Written by the poet Vyasa, who was a devotee of Shri Krishna and lived in Brindavan in the middle of the nineteenth century. He had the reputation of being a saint.