The world is not real. Do not dive into this mirage; be not enslaved by attachment to any object.1 min read

11.O Nirbhaya seek with diligence to know the light of thy personality. When the Self is realised the purpose of the body will have been served for ever.

12. Do not indulge in meaningless relationships of the world O Nirbhaya. Father, mother and sons reap what they have sown.

13. Thou art without associationship O Nirbhaya; give up all attachment, then in one moment thou wilt taste the interminable Bliss.

14. Enjoy the panorama of the world, but first dissipate the inner darkness; thou art the Lord and thou the Beloved.

15. The world is not real O Nirbhaya! Do not dive into this mirage; be not enslaved by attachment to any object.
16. Enjoy the bliss of the realisation of thine own Self, O Nirbhaya! Be mute. No one belongs to thee and thou to no one.

17. Thy Karma will bring thee joy or woe O Nirbhaya. Do not depend on anyone, neither flatter nor imitate them.

18. Think well O Nirbhaya; thy stay in the world is short and uncertain; look not with longing upon wealth or wisdom.

19. O Nirbhaya! Know that day and night all are subject to suffering from friends, wives, sons and Pluto’s messengers. .

20. Abandon ambition and cultivate contentment O Nirbhaya. Do not grieve, for what is thy karma will come to pass.
These stanzas should be repeated slowly every day by devotees of God.

This practice will be found most helpful,


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