The trees themselves offered their contribution to the man of God

I once saw Swami Rama Tirtha passing. I was following him. He passed on a foot-path by the side of which grew trees full of blossoms, and as soon as he was there, heaps of blossoms fell on him, as if the trees themselves offered their contribution to the man of God. This state is for each and everyone who has come out of the dark ahankara.

Man cannot do without love. In a certain sense, love is the feeling of distinguishing the right from the wrong. When the army of Napoleon was marching on the Alps, it was deep winter; his army, as you know, was composed of riff-raff, not ever trained soldiers. A very curious thing was seen. In these snows, when separated from their comrades, the soldiers even patted their guns and kissed them. When they had nothing else to love, they began to love these guns. Therefore give love its due; give love to its source, which is Atman, infinite Existence.

Verse of Shri Shankara (“Eight stanzas in praise of the Guru”) : “Shariram svarupam . . . You may have a beautiful body and a beautiful wife or a husband pursued by all young women, your fame may spread far and wide, your wealth may be like the Meru mountain, but if your mind is not devoted to the contemplation of the holy feet of the Guru, what then, what then, what then? It is vain, vain, vain.”

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