The spiritual nature of man is divine.

The spiritual nature of man is divine.

It is above all woe and joy and is pure Intelligence and Bliss. It has not altered and will not alter.

It is One without a second.

Then why is man in grief, greed, anger and stupid attachment to the passing objects?

The reason is that he has forgotten his spiritual nature and imagines that he is the body and the mind; that this passing show of the world is real and that there is nothing above it.

This delusion is caused by maya.

In order to realize his spiritual nature, man must practise self-control, self-elevation through moral conduct and realize the unreality of the world through daily devotion to God.

He must study carefully the philosophy of Shri Shankara.

A method which is most useful in realization of Self is meditation in silence to reinforce his moral and spiritual power, and to be tranquil within and selflessly benevolent to his fellow-men.

In meditation he forgets the illusion of the reality of the body and mind and contacts the divine region within in the form of peace (Shanti) and externally he practises compassion and detachment.

He is now liberated.

The character of the world is changed and he realizes his Godhead.


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