The sound which rises without a clash1 min read

There is a sound which people hear when all apertures of knowledge have been closed, when the passions have been hushed, when desires have been lulled into a long dreamless sleep, when ambitions have been obliterated, and eyes, ears and lips are closed.

In this state you hear a special kind of sound, which is the sound which rises without a clash.

In the Zen practices, one of the riddles to be solved is ‘What is the sound which is raised by only one hand?’

Sound is usually raised when you clap two hands together. That sound the Yogis hear, and when they hear it, it gives them great concentration.

That sound is said to be sweeter than music, more peace-giving than any text or conversation.

The Yogis call it ‘listening to the inner voice’, the voice of the soul.

There are many who can easily experience that kind of sound, which indicates that the requisite inner concentration has been obtained.

When you pay attention to this sound, a new awareness arises in the soul. . . . That awareness is ‘I’  ‘I’  ‘I’