The Singing Eggs in Dragon Pool

The Singing Eggs

(Translated from the Japanese of a six-year-old boy)
ONE DAY, the eggs began singing.
In the hens’ nests, in the shops, in the kitchens, they were singing and singing.
The people didn’t like to hear the eggs singing.
They said, “We’ll cook them. We’ll boil them and poach them and scramble them and fry them. Then they’ll stop singing.”
But even when they were boiled and poached and scrambled and fried, the eggs went on singing.
The people got angry. “We’ll eat them,” they said. “Then they’ll have to stop singing.”
But even when they were eaten, the eggs went on singing from inside the people.
The people were very angry. They were bad people.
They shouted, “We’ll kill them.”
They got knives and tried to kill the eggs inside them. But they only killed themselves.
And all over the world, the eggs went on singing and singing

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