The real secret of devotion is not easy to fathom1 min read

The real secret of devotion
Is not so easy to fathom, O ascetic!
What is the use of singing, of writing and of lecturing?
What is the use of wandering From this holy place to that,
Or of performing the morning and evening rituals,
If one does not meditate on reality?
Why shave the head, plait the hair and wear ashes,
Why worship idols of stone Or live on fruits in the forest?
If you do not sit down and learn to know the Lord,
You merely traffic with sense-objects;
You learn the secrets neither of knowledge nor of meditation,
You do but practise vain egoity.
The Lord is profound, mysterious, unfathomable, unapproachable.
Thou didst not plant the seed of love in the field of Sansara
Sit immersed in deep meditation,
Scrape off the dust of Karma.
Says Kabir,
Hearken, O Gorakh Nath!
He who meditates on reality as the One alone,
And whose only pasture is within,
Crosses to safety together with all his family.


By Kabir