The real empire, which has no ends3 min read

In the state of deep sleep, (Sushupti), when our faculties return to their cause, in stillness and a void – there is THAT which rests in its own bliss; which is beyond the trio of the cogniser, the cognised and cognising.

It is not existence nor is it non-existence; it (Sushupti) is cognition without objects; it is the seed in which lies hidden the great banyan-tree of the waking and dreaming states. Life (in Sushupti), with its triple aspects, goes into a state of hibernation, to be revived afresh.

The three aspects of life are:- (1) Intellectual (2) Emotional (3) Physical. It is the one stream split into three channels; its purpose is its identification with the three aspects of Reality or God.

Through intellect we know Him as immutable Truth:

through emotions, we know Him as unfading Beauty:

through the senses we know Him as the beloved Lord and Master, whom the senses serve in all living beings.

By right exercise, these three faculties must be kept in an efficient condition. If one of them is atrophied, the other two decay.

(1) Intellect, through the exercise of reason, must be directed to find the ultimate Cause of all.

(2) Emotions, through exercising the faculty of appreciation of beauty, called love, must find the Beauty that never fades.

(3) The Senses must be dedicated to the service of all living beings, serving the One as many.

Life, thus guided, must every day minimise the demands and importance of the little local self or ego.

We are apt to prostitute Divine Life, for perishable ends – thus being forced to re-incarnate again and again in the same circumstances.

Intellectual life is more potent and a greater instrument of service than the mere service of the senses. The hedonist or the Epicurean can lay claim to no lasting edifice of comfort or joy for humanity.

While Aristotle introduced an ever-widening ray of light into the darkness of the Dark Ages, it is the Lover who makes a yet greater contribution; the palace of Aristotle and the Alexandrian scientists could not have endured without the contribution of the arch-Lover of all ages – Holy Christ.

The contribution of the Lover of God is immeasurable; His glory is infinite; intellect is His interpreter; and the senses His executive auxiliaries.

There is yet another function of life above the three aspects – which is the culmination of the three. It is the Mystic Sense, which presses the steed of love and enquiry beyond the fields of intellect and love; and, tearing off veil after veil from the face of Prakriti (Isis), transforms the puny mind into Divine Light.

Everyone is endowed with a mystical sense. The Mystic Way crosses the peaks of intellect, the bridges of emotion, leaps over the valley of the sensuous life and discovers the realm of the immutable values. This is the holy path of Yoga. It is the supreme triumph of human personality.

The holy Teacher, Shankaracharya, describes it as:- “The real empire, which has no ends.”