The progress and order of the states of mind of the meditation Yoga

The progress and order of the states of mind of the meditation Yoga is as follows:

1 Agitation. The mind is moved by desires, by objective influences. Money, rest, sex-pleasures, name, lassitude, etc., enter the soul like the scorpions entering a cave. By prayer, by service of the Guru, by vigilance, by study, these influences can be overcome easily.

2. Pratyahara. The jiva obtains power over the thought process. He regulates his will and emotions according to the spiritual discipline offered to him. He withdraws from outer objects.

3. Dhyana. All outgoing of the mind having been controlled, the jiva identifies the ego with the content of meditation with a firm intention.

4. Reflection. Then because the jiva dwells deeply in the light and in its meditation, he finds a tranquil rest in his mind.

5. Blessedness. The mind, saturated and sanctified with the assimilation of the text of the meditation, or complete surrender to Guru and Govinda, now divine light begins to break into the mind, that is Buddhi.

6. Nididhyasana. The mind is unified with the object of meditation. The mind disappears, and the object of meditation takes its place. That is Shivoham. The soul in this state knows the truth. Realization – Atman-darshana. The avidya ceases for ever, duality is negated, illusion has passed, the knower, known and knowing are gone. All is Brahman. All is Self.

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