The Madhyama practice1 min read

This practice is very important. It is based on a deep psychological and vitalistic principle and the results are not physiological but vitalistic (pranic).

If you do this practice every day, your mind will keep away from evils. Many people ask how they can conquer passions and how overcome pleasure sense and pride.

If you undertake this practice you will be able to do all these things and you will not be subject to any evil influence from any quarter. The practice is both protective and creative.


Draw an imaginary line of light from the top of the forehead down through the sinus between the eyebrows, the nose, lips, throat, heart region as far as the navel.

Then concentrate on this line of light.

The Yogis call this great method the Madhyama practice. The Acharya says : “ In the middle of the stream no poisonous plants grow, but only on the banks.”

Keep your attention on this line in the middle and, by doing so, you keep the flow of consciousness on this line in the middle of your body. In this way you acquire benefits which neither reading books nor any other thing will give.

Initially the practice is to be done for five to ten minutes, but when proficiency is acquired it may be done all the time, wherever you go and whatever you do.