The greatest obstacles are desire and aversion

The greatest obstacles are desire and aversion. As long as you will like one particular being you must hate some, there is no doubt about it. So raise the mind above the plane where these worldly likes and dislikes seem to have meaning to you. There is only one thing absolute in the philosophy of mind and it is Goodwill. Everything else is derived. Either heaven is obtained in this life or you will have to be born and work for it again.

For the higher spiritual enlightenment one thing is essential, and that is that as the Sufi says: You catch hold firmly of the hand of the drunken Pir, follow him taking pride in your following of him. It is the man of God. In Sufi terminology the tavern means the school, wine is the spiritual teachings, and the Pir is the spiritual teacher, called the man who serves the wine. Call yourself his slave; individuality like leprosy, paralyses sensibility. But the spiritual path is opening of the inner eyes of sympathy and love and goodwill to each living being and walking in this way you will come to the end of the journey complete satisfaction.

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