The great dance of Shri Krishna1 min read

Why did Shri Krishna hold His Rasa or Great Dance? It was a lesson to the world in harmony and in rhythm and in music and in melody; it was a lesson forever.Some Sages say that half the Kali Yuga was exhausted that night when Shri Hari performed His Rasa. His divine compassion expressed such great harmony and peace of a Cosmic nature that the whole scheme of time was changed; half an evolution of the Cosmic time came and went and passed un-noticed. Paramatman is Shri Krishna, our vrittis are the Gopis, the intellect is Shri Radha and the heart is Brindavan – and it is the moon of enlightenment, the full moon, that rises – and the holy longings are the River Yamuna – and the Rasa goes on.

Let there be a dance within us around the Lord. If there is the least interference from egoity, lo, the Lord disappears and Shri Radha and all others are thrown into a state of agony.

When will this civilisation learn to forsake that state of agony bereft of the peace of the Lord and become devoted to the remembrance of Shri Hari, our own Atman? The devotee experiences an echo of the universal harmony and rhythm in himself when he com­pletely surrenders himself to Shri Hari.