The goal of human life is Enlightenment.

What is Enlightenment? There are men who acquire proficiency in science, art and philosophy; men who acquire fame for their benevolence and charity. But the end of human life is that the mind may be lit by the inner light of God and that all doubts may be cut asunder, all feeling of limitation be ended, all desires to harm anybody or possess anything be over, and finally all fear, even the fear of death, may come to an end. As long as man is subject to fear you cannot say that he has attained the goal of life. Fear and anxiety are the two cankers of the soul. They ought to be avoided not by hardening the conscience but by a good moral life on a certain basis. Many people cannot bear to see others happy or prosperous; they are a kind of communist.

It is in the state of relaxation that the soul receives the vital energy. A man may be learned, he may be wealthy, he may live a life of luxury but if his mind is subject to fear, if there is any worry in his mind, it is no use at all. Illumination is that state of the mind in which the soul becomes absolutely free from any worry, fear or tension.
It has an ever-expanding goodwill towards each and every creature. It knows that death and life are pairs of opposites but neither of them touches the real spirit of man.
This state is called Illumination.

The word Yogi is used in many senses: two are prominent: one is to be equiminded, to be satisfied through knowledge; and the other is to be wholly and solely devoted to the contemplation of the spiritual truth. There are certain things, which we can obtain by physical exertion, but other things we obtain by the exercise of the quality of our mind. This contemplation which means voluntary concentration of the mental energy on the shining element in our spirit, is the one way to obtain what is higher, most shining and truthful. Therefore, you will know that great stress is laid on the life of contemplation.

Unless you have a love of isolation you will not be able to achieve anything great in life. Isolation means to shun the useless society, which teaches us nothing. You must find time to be yourself. Emerson has said that a man is sincere only when he is alone. When we are with other people, we are not ourselves. Therefore, let us be ourselves and let us use our reasoning power in order to know what is the real spiritual truth.

You stand on the bank of a river. Imagine it is rather a stormy time. The wind produces countless waves. Suppose one of the waves became self-conscious and said:
” O I will die very soon: O there are much higher waves than myself. What a pity I am not so big as they are. Ah me, how miserable I am “. What is the best thing for the wave to do? The best thing for the wave is to contemplate: ” I am water, I am not the wave.”

A verse in the Gita says: ” That which was before the manifestation, that which really is during the course of manifestation, and that which still persists when manifestation has subsided, that is truth, that is reality.”

Such is the case with man. Let man feel that he is the truth, he is the spirit and not the outer objects, by study, by devotion, by detachment- vairagya- and in this way if our meditation is complete we begin to find light in ourselves and the problems of life are solved.

Meditation means to take a concept or an idea, to close your lips and if possible to close your ears also and then to let the mind dwell only on the text. The concept underlying the text becomes you. By contemplation we find what we have forgotten:


In the ocean of limitless consciousness I am a wave.
In the ocean of infinite awareness I am a wave.
I am reality infinite, I am bliss.


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