The final knot of nescience is cut by the grace of the Lord.2 min read

Shri Shankara Acharya’s Vakyavritti Verse 2

To Him by whose grace I realize that I am Vishnu (the all-pervading Lord), that the whole universe is imagined in me and that all this is nothing hut my own true Self in nature – before His lotus feet I prostrate myself all the time.


One of the cardinal doctrines of the philosophy of Advaita is that the final knot of nescience is cut by the grace of the Lord.

Man must do his best by way of discipline, study and the practice of benevolence. When his heart is freed from worldly agitation and from the desires of pleasure and success in the world, the Lord illumines it with the ray of His light and the jiva acquires realization of Self.

Then follows the state of jivanmukti, which the holy Acharya refers to in this verse.

What is the nature of this realization?
That this whole universe, internal and external, is imagined in me, that it is in fact nothing but my own nature.

There is a school in Vedanta which believes in the complete efficacy of one’s own efforts and places no reliance on the grace of the Lord. This is not the doctrine of the Advaita of Shri Shankara; it is nearer the Buddhist doctrine, which can hardly ever give real peace.

It is an element of man’s nature to seek the support of somebody or something in his life. In the holy Adyaita, the main support of man is the all-pervading reality called Shri Vishnu.

Recognition of this fact is a matter of great consolation. Besides, this is a real way to the reduction and final elimination of the empirical egoity which is the root of all pleasure seeking and bondage in sansara.

There is no duality involved because in the ultimate stage of meditation the whole universe is revealed as the nature of the Self and nothing else.

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