The enlightened are at one with the cosmic will, which works in and through them

One of the sure signs of a Jnani, although it is detectable only by those who have eyes to see, is that he has no resistance to the cosmic will. The enlightened are at one with the cosmic will, which works in and through them. By contrast, the Ajnani is continually setting up his own resistances, as we all do in our sansaric life, trying to impose the individual will on the course of the world-process. Not so the Jnani. This is one of the features which gives to the thought and action of the enlightened man its sense of inevitability and harmony. Even in regard to spiritual matters the Jiva is continually thinking he can improve on the divine plan. The words of Omar Khayyam perfectly express this feeling:

“Ah love! could thou and I with Fate conspire,
To grasp this sorry Scheme of Things entire,
Would we not shatter it to bits – and then
Remould it nearer to the heart’s desire?”

Man would much rather blame the cosmos than seek the source of dissatisfaction in his own personality. How true it is that we are blind till we are wise! The divine plan often runs in a counter-current to our limited view of what should happen. Yet, from the highest spiritual point of view, as the Sufi poet has it, “the should-have-been does not exist”.

There was a God-inebriated Sufi who had transcended the body and the mind and discovered his identity with the Lord who is both the efficient and the instrumental cause of the universe. He had known the true meaning of ‘I’, and when beside himself, he shouted in the streets: “Anal haq, anal haq, I am God, I am God.”

He happened to be in the domain of a fanatical Mussulman, who was a strict ritualist and was blind to the spiritual truth. He heard about the cry of the Sufi and had him arrested for blasphemy and thrown into a dungeon. He was kept there for a number of days and carefully watched.

One night, about a dozen beautiful angels appeared in the dungeon and said:

“O Sufi, Allah is pleased with thy devotion and has sent us to take thee to his paradise. Come!” “You are forgeries and deceits,” cried the Sufi, “there is no Allah other than myself, and I have never ordered you to appear here!”

It turned out that the incident was staged by the ruler who had dressed up some boys as angels and sent them to try and catch out the Sufi. The following day, the saint was released and revered, but indifferent to praise and blame he went on singing: “Anal haq, anal haq.”

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