The Cry of the Soul2 min read

Separation from Thee, O Friend, afflicts me beyond measure,
So that even my enemies shed tears of sympathy at my miserable state.
I am restless, sleepless, agitated in every way.
Neither am I interested in my home, nor has the forest any joy for me. If I express my suffering, then I lose the delicacy of love.
O Friend, in this heart of mine there is a fire. If I express it, my tongue is blistered.
If I remain silent, it consumes my heart;
If I sigh, the world laughs at me, while silence inflicts deeper wounds. O what shall I do?  Is there no remedy for the illness of love?
I did not realise that love leads to silent suffering.
It makes the heart restless, and the eyes rain tears all the time. I shiver, I sigh, I tremble, I toss ceaselessly.
There is no end to the suffering caused by love.
I wring my hands in repentance and regret the time when I first loved Him. Had I known what the wounds and suffering of separation meant,
I would never have lit the lamp of love in my heart.
Had I been aware of the pain of love, I would have proclaimed with beating of drum, That none should ever dare to love.
From dawn to dusk I wander through the forest trying to subdue my mind; From dusk to dawn I count the stars to beguile my loneliness.
How indifferent is the One whom I love, how careless is He. I resign myself to His will and suffer silently;
But still I am constant in my meditations on Him. I say, “O, what a fate.’ I have given my hand to the One who is a stranger to the world.”
I consume myself like a moth in a candle and He heeds not my condition. How long shall I have to suffer?  My endurance is at an end.
My restless heart finds no solace in mere words. When I set down my foot, I am unable to go further. My heart is like a stone, too heavy to move.
As I lie helpless in the desert, no one shows compassion. I long to run away but love does not permit me.
The home of my Friend is far away.
I have no wings and cannot fly to Him.
In what a sad plight am I!  How shall I cover the distance? My heart says, “Arise and move on.”
My body says: “I am fatigued and helpless. Cause me no more pain.” The flesh is weary and binds me to seek the Friend.
0 Nazir, I know not what to do.
It seems the difficulties are insurmountable.
The heart wants the Friend, the body desires comfort. Suspense is fatal, it will lead me neither to Maya nor to Rama.



Poem by Nazir