The body and the mind are instruments of the spirit

The body and the mind are instruments of the spirit, through which it expresses itself, to discover itself, its identity with the whole God -creating Beauty, expanding its range in the progressive discovery of Truth and defusing its light as goodness.  The body with its anatomical and physiological parts is a house; the mind is the lamp and the spirit is the source of light, consciousness and delight.  The lamp lights the body and also brings in the impressions through sensations, to weave them into a chaplet to decorate the spirit.

The chief functions of the mind; reflection, memory, imagination, love of delight, love of power, seeking of association, enjoyment of beauty, love, aversion etc. the purpose of the existence of the mind is the growth of the spirit, which theologians call progress towards God and the yogic metaphysicians discovery of the identity with the absolute consciousness. 

The mind can allow itself to be a servant of the body or of any of its functions, such as love of power, sensual delight, avarice, detachment etc.  In this case, the mind defeats its only purpose and rusts, going back to animal conditions. 

To enable the mind to function properly and achieve the object of its existence, you must guide and control it. 

Self culture is not for fatalists.  Character is built bit by bit, by serious opposition to wrong and unworthy desires and by cultivation of the Yogic qualities of equanimity, undisturbability and enrichment of the soul by study and devotion.

The food of the spirit consists of inner solitude, discrimination between what is real and unreal, reflective contemplation, leading to the correct conception of the self.  If the spirited start, the mind cannot be contented and it reposeful.  In Aristotle’s philosophy, considerable stress is laid on contemplation.  If one does not resort to daily contemplation for a least one hour a day one should prepare to be a victim to continual grief, psychological and physical.

The vital energy, which animates the mind and the senses and it is the chief instrument of our sense life and psychological activities, has its source in the spirit.  The more the mind is exposed to the light of the spirit, the greater is the intellectual and moral strength and also the physical condition of a person.  The education which fills the mind with information obtained through books or verbal instruction is incapable of producing the real good of man.  Know the nature of the dweller in the body-the spirit and also the psychological laws and live up to them.

Be convinced that there is no real and abiding joy in sense experience.  When the mind is withdrawn from the sense of objects, and is employed in the contemplation of God, the universal spirit, the man experiences the satisfaction.



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