Texts for meditation1 min read

OM. O my mind find rest in the most blessed peace which is always within thee, and follow not after that which is transient. OM

OM. As the bud opens to the dew, so does my inner being to receive the light of Truth. OM.

OM. I know that perfect, Infinite Spirit Who is like the sun after darkness; thus knowing Him one overcomes death; there is no other road to liberation. OM

OM. God pervades the inner and outer life. God is truth, beauty, bliss and peace. OM.

OM. My Atman is above Karma, Incarnation and fate. Untouched by virtue and vice – Eternal Peace, Infinite Consciousness I am. OM.

OM. God the Ruler of all, the One, the infinite Truth is enshrined in the hearts of all. The wise realise Him and obtain freedom and joy imperishable. OM.

OM. Bestower of happiness, Thou art verily without form, but form in many. Therefore in no other Lord but Thee, do I take refuge. OM

OM. He sees, who sees the supreme Lord standing equally in all beings, the undying in the dying. OM