Mandukya Upanishad

OM is all this. All that is past, present or future Is verily OM. Whatever is beyond the three periods of time is also verily OM. All this is surely Brahman.

Approaches to Yoga and Meditation

If we study what has been worked out by experiment and confirmed by the classical yogis of the past and in the subsequent centuries, we start with an advantage

Word Clouds and Realities

Illusions are of two kinds, and it is quite important to remember the distinction between them. One of them has no actual basis and the other has a basis of substratum. For no actual basis, think of Father Christmas. This is a concept, an idea, which we teach to very small

Hearts of Religion

There is a heart but the heart is not visible. We know about the heart from the pulse. And if religion doesn’t have a pulse, doesn’t have a throb, in our lives, the form may be perfect but it will be like a marble statue – without a living heart.

The Spur

The Buddha faces inward and makes the heart-essence (hon-shin) shine forth. The ordinary man faces outward, and is concerned with the ten thousand things.

Realisation of the Supreme Self Drishtanta

If there’s a God who is interested and takes part in our world, people feel one ought to be able to see a tiny little finger now and then intervening in affairs, One has to think carefully about this: where is this God?

How to get Inspiration

Karna-Sharira, causal consciousness from which the thoughts come. Practise of sitting under the blue sky and throwing away thoughts

The Flower of the Heart

Those who hold to virtue will at some time find themselves deserted, but those who rely on wealth and power, will always spend their whole life in dread and loneliness

The Stone Sermon

In the Lotus Sutra, one of the old ones, there is a sort of Buddhist prodigal son. The king recognises him, when he sees him from the palace, sends out a guard to bring him in, but the beggar, when he sees the guard, runs away.

Loosening the Knot of the Heart

The knots become more and more habitual, and then hardened,
There is very little of the heart available for anything flexible or newly constructive.

Tokusai on Sword and Mind

It was a terrible insult if a samurai’s scabbard was touched by anything in passing. So a samurai who was orderly and did not want a fight, kept his scabbard close to his side in the street.

Shri Dada & Hari Prasad Shastri

Every man must be able to go into voluntary mental and nervous relaxation and concentrate his mind on a symbol of God, whether it be a word, a concept or an image.

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