Being without delusion or self-display

14 Freedom from anger, freedom from thrill, non-irritation, freedom from greed, being without delusion or self-display or spite, truth-speaking, moderate diet, no back-biting, freedom from jealousy, sharing with others, giving up, straightforwardness, gentleness, calm, control, the yoga which has no conflict with any being, nobility, kindness, contentment, – these apply to all stages of life. Practising them in the approved way, one becomes all-pervading. Freedom from anger, freedom from thrill these and the others are the opposite of those (doshas) which obstruct yoga, and these are yogas because samadhi is made on them. sharing with others distributing one’s own means of livelihood to the needy. giving up (tyaga) abandoning with all one’s strength all desired pleasures present or future, and the means to them. straightforwardness sincerity, and exercising speech, mind and body in an innocent way without disturbance. gentleness mildness. calm pacification of the inner organ (the mind). control pacification …

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