Seeing everything in the Self

9 The seer meditating, seeing everything in the Self, will not be deluded, And whoever sees the Self alone in everything, He is Brahman, glorious in the highest heaven. The word atman is (an abbreviated locative) – ‘in the Self’. Moreover, seeing, perceiving, everything, every thing. The meaning is that he is seeing only the Self-nature of every thing, and in everything the Self supreme. he will not be deluded he does not come to be deluded, for there is no falling into delusion for one who sees the unity of the Self, as witness the Vedic verse, ‘There what delusion . . .’ (Isa 7). What exactly is this vision of Self which destroys delusion? The verse says, meditating, with his senses withdrawn, being a seer (kavi), a wise man (medhāvin) in meditation (dhyāna). Delusion (moha) does not disappear simply by a view (darsana) arising (merely) out of words. …

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Action Bhagavad Gita Chapter 4

Chapter IV Action The chapter begins with a statement by Kṙṣṇa that the ancient yoga has now been taught. Elaborating on a single word – purā, of old – in III.3, he gives briefly its history. He taught it to the first king, and it was handed down through king-sages (not through priests, an important point). This account Arjuna immediately pronounces impossible. The first king-sages were in the distant past, but Kṙṣṇa is here now, so he could not have taught it to them. How can I make sense of this? he demands. Kṙṣṇa replies that he has had many births, and so has Arjuna also. I know them all; you do not know, because (adds Śaṅkara) your natural omniscience is obstructed by your binding acts of right and wrong. This interchange shows that the Gītā does not teach narrow worship of Kṙṣṇa, that being merely one birth out of many. …

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