Arjuna reinforces his refusal to fight in the Bhagavad Gita

The Smile Arjuna reinforces his refusal, or rather inability, to fight by gilding it with moral sentiments. He presents himself as seeing things from a higher standpoint; from that elevation, he condemns what he had till now wanted to do, but suddenly finds he does not want to do. He had been enthusiastic about the righteousness of the battle, and boasted about what he would do in it. In reliance on his skill and bravery, others had joined his side. Compassion for the members of his family on the other side had not worried him then, any more than it worries his brother BhÄ«ma now. But here he is: I.38 Even if they, blinded as they are by greed, do not see The sin of conflict within the family And the crime of striking at a friend, 39 Yet we should know enough to draw back from this wickedness, When …

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