Karma Yoga Action

Karma-Yoga Action In karma-yoga defined by Śaṅkara in II.39 commentary, there are three elements: (1) calm endurance of opposites, (2) yogic action, (3) samādhi practice. The first of these can be roughly summed up as Independence, and was looked at in a previous chapter. This chapter is concerned with the yogic action, from which karma-yoga takes its name. Yogic action is presented, in the Gītā and in Śaṅkara, in slightly varying ways: abandonment of, or evenness of mind towards, results good or bad; dedicating, or consigning or depositing, results of actions, to God or Brahman; dedicating, etc. the actions themselves to God or Brahman; having no personal motive for actions; giving up attachment to action as such; giving up attachment to inaction. It may be asked, why is inaction brought in? In the yogic analysis, even one sitting still, thinking ‘Now let me be happily at ease’, is still classed …

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