Bhagavad Gita Chapter 18 Conclusion

Chapter XVIII Conclusion Like II, this is said by some commentators to be a summary of the teachings of the Gītā. It begins by recalling the familiar distinction between (1) physically giving up (saṃnyāsa) actions, except for a few semi-automatic ones which preserve the body, and (2) energetically performing the actions proper to one’s role in life, but without any attachment to the action or to its fruits: this is called tyāga. The Lord selects worship, gift and austerity as the best of all actions, to typify righteous action in general. XVIII.5 Actions of worship, gift, and austerity must not be abandoned, but rather performed; Worship, gift, and austerity are purifiers of the wise. 6 But these actions must be done giving up attachment to them, and all claim on the fruits: This is My definite and final judgement. Then he repeats the point already made several times in the Gītā, …

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