Commentary on the Adhyatma-patala attributed to Sankara

In a note in his Shoki Vedanta Tetsugaku-shi (History of Early Vedanta Philosophy), Professor Nakamura remarks that the commentary on the Adhyatma-patala attributed to Sankara is in his style, quoting only the older Upanishads, and the thought ds consonant with his authentic works; he concludes that it is either by Sankara himself or by some thinker of similar ideas who lived about the same time. Professor Sengaku Mayeda of the University of Tokyo has made a special study of the authenticity of important works attributed to Sankara (defined as the author of the Brahma-sutra commentary); he has not published a separate analysis of this Adhyatma-patala commentary, but in his Encyclopaedia Britannica article on Sankara, where he summarizes his conclusions, he states that it is a genuine work. In the monumental work on the history of the Dharmaastra Kane notes in passing that in style and content it is probably a …

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Worship, Gift, Austerity Gita Chapter 17

Chapter XVII Worship, Gift, Austerity The main part of this chapter, and a good bit of the next (XVIII.18–45) are centred on the effects of the guṇa-s. What the Gītā calls man’s ‘selfnature (sva-bhāva) consists of tendencies he is born with, as an effect of the saṃskāra dynamic latent impressions laid down in previous births. A selection of some of them, which can consistently manifest together, come together as a block, so to say, determining the conditions of the present birth. It is not unalterable fate, but comparable to the physical make-up of the present body, which can be greatly modified by persistent effort, and by other means also. The state of the innate nature is reflected in what is technically called one’s Faith. This is what one really believes in, as distinct from surface attitudes. The super-nationalist’s belief in the divine mission of his group, for which he is willing …

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