The Reverence of Others

The doctrine is that the things of the world are not absolutely real, as we know. They have practical efficacy, and they have practical effects on us, but they are not absolutely real in themselves. And regularly, every few years, some clever dick comes along and says, ‘Well, you know, all these holy texts and sacred utterances—they’re all unreal, aren’t they?’And, sure enough, you put this to a teacher. And the teacher says, ‘Yes, yes.’ So the man says, ‘Well, why do you use them then?’ This is a modern teacher, so he says, ‘Well, I’m throwing imitation pearls to people who have got the idea that they are swine. They’re rooting about in the mud, looking for some gold coins that they think they’ve lost. Now, when I throw them these imitation pearls, they suddenly feel, “Oh, we’re rich!” and they stop looking around in the mud. Then they …

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