Spiritual help and protection will be given to one who makes sincere and persistent efforts.2 min read

The goal must be that serenity of mind in which fear is unknown, and which, once realised, abides for ever, and enriches life with the gifts of love consequent on detachment (vairagya) and the knowledge that all is One. The desire to render unselfish service will follow. Spiritual help and protection will be given to one who makes sincere and persistent efforts.

It is important to cultivate detachment, indifference (vairagya). This does not mean want of interest in the affairs of the world or your family. It means that you do your best in the spirit of unselfish service, seeing that your inner heart is not affected by the desire to achieve favourable results.

Do your best and let the rest go. Avoid haste and worry, and have boundless trust in yourself.

Vairagya creates a vacuum which is filled with the light of love in the course of time.   Remember that love means the feeling of unity with all that is. Remaining in the spirit of detachment, yet highly active in the discharge of your duties and the practice of benevolence, you must cultivate courage.

Do not be daunted by failure or lack of expected results in your Yogic undertaking, but meditate on courage.

Another enemy to be subdued is anger. Do not give way to temper under any circumstances. You lose your spiritual wealth every time you do so.

If anger seems about to overcome you, count backwards from a hundred to one before you give expression to it.

Do not seek to know anyone’s secrets, and do not have any to tell. As soon as you find that you are developing slavish attachment for any person or thing, run away from it. Let no one be your Master except your higher Self.

Do not yield to any in your spiritual convictions. Husbands, wives, sons, friends, you have had in all your previous lives, as you have now.

Your duty is to give them all material service, but if you give up your own principles to please them, you show that you have not understood the meaning of spiritual life, and the immortality of the soul.

Love them in God.