Speech is a demon confined in the well of the mind1 min read

O God, make me busy with Thee, that they may not make me busy with them.

—Ascribed to  Rabi’a al-adawiya.

*  *  *

When thou desirest continually to speak, thou findest no sweetness in the speech of others.


*   *  *

Speech is a demon confined in the well of the mind, leave it not free on thy palate and tongue. When the genii has escaped, no stratagem will bring him back.


*  *  *

They asked his age:‘ Four years * he replied. They said:* How is that ?

He answered: ‘ seventy years I was shrouded in the veils of this world, but since four years I have been beholding Him, ah! do not ask me how!

Time without vision is not a part of life.

—Ascribed to Bayazid al Bistami.

*  *  *

We should be in charity with ourselves as with our neighbours.


*  *  *

Be like a tree. The tree gives shade even to him who cuts off its bough.

—Shri Chaitanya.

*  *  *

To glory in tribulation is not hard for one who loves.

—Thomas a Kempis.

*  *  *

They are calling thee from the pinnacles of God*s throne, I know not what hath befallen thee in this dust heap.


*  *  *

When thou seest an eagle, thou seest a portion of genius, lift up thy head … The pride of the peacock is the glory of God.


*  *  *

Under the veil of each atom is hidden the soul-ravishing beauty of the face of the Beloved.

—Mahmud Shabistari.