Sing all the days of the week the praises of the Lord1 min read

‘‘Sing all the days of the week the praises of the Lord,
Begin thy Sunday with God’s service;
Keep the temple of thy heart free from impure desires.
Day and night keep thy thought fixed on the Unchangeable One,
And peacefully shall the flute play divine music.
On Monday taste the nectar flowing from the lips of the Guru;
It is indeed the antidote to all worldly poison.
Be inebriated with the Divine Truth;
Close thy mouth to all idle converse.
Learn what thou art on Tuesday;
And keep guard against evil thoughts and desires.
Keep away the five thieves from the realm of thy heart;
This is the way to earn the grace of thy Lord.
On Wednesday, enlighten thy understanding with the Holy Truth,
And realise the dwelling place of God in the lotus of thy heart.
Meet thy Guru in self-effacing love,
And know that God and the soul are one
And expose the lotus of thy heart to the Sun of’I AM BRAHMAN
On Thursday throw thy evil passions into a deep river,
And know that all the incarnations of God are one
And all religion basically true,
Day and night wash away thy sins where the three rivers meet.
On Friday strengthen endurance and forgiveness,
Struggle with thy lower self with all thy might.
Restrain and guide thy senses, O darling of thy Guru,
And thou shalt never fall into duality.
On Saturday, find the light of God within thee
With extra devotion done in a tranquil heart;
Thy sins shall be erased and illumination shall be thy reward.
To find thy God within thy heart give up all duality.
Love the Omnipresent Lord,
Says Kabir: Thus purify thy heart.”

A poem by Kabir