See Christ’s qualities arising slowly in your soul1 min read

Meditation prepares the mind to receive the light of the higher Self behind the mind : and the more light the mind receives by attuning itself subjectively to the real Self behind it, the greater peace and tranquillity it has, and the more inspiration to produce beauty and truth.

The following practice should be done every morning at the same time, accompanied by prayer and by reading with concentration a passage from a spiritual classic such as St. John’s Gospel, the Imitation of Christ or the Bhagawadgita.


Sit cross-legged on a carpet or blanket in a level place with the back and neck in line and the chin in.

Breathe slowly and deeply 21 times in and out the holy syllable Om (pronounced Ohm). This tranquillizes the mind and prepares it for meditation.

Now imagine that you are witnessing a dawn breaking over the hills. Concentrate on it and feel it. Then hold the following ideas, in turn, before the mind :

(1)  “ The dawn of eternal Truth, the shadow of

which is peace and happiness, is breaking forth in me ”.

(2)  “ The light of Truth, which is immortality,

inspiration and beauty, is my own Self ”.

Do this practice for 30 minutes and end by giving your unconditional blessings to all.

Whenever possible during the day, relax and contemplate the Supreme Consciousness.

If you reflect with love on the life of Christ, you will see Christ’s qualities arising slowly in your soul ; for God is sleeping in the heart of everyone, and to rouse Him is to fulfil the purpose of existence.