Put a quick end to quarrels, lying, needless anxieties and bustle1 min read

81. O Nirbhaya, there is no limit to greed. Thou wilt receive what is thy fate. Even if thou strivest thou wilt not alter the writing of fate on thy forehead.

82. O Nirbhaya, what sense is there anxiety? Thou dost not understand the truth. Resort to thy Sad-Guru. In his presence every anxiety will be well resolved.

83. O Nirbhaya, passionate love brings pleasure laughter, but it also extends the limit of thy loss. It is better to turn thy face from it before grief comes.

84. O Nirbhaya, the core of passion and illusion will be well destroyed if thou for forgettest everything in this maze of the world – deceit, opinion, pride, impurity and selfishness.

85. O Nirbhaya! Obliterate the taint of love of gold and women – they degrade the soul.

86. O Nirbhaya, put a quick end to quarrels, lying, needless anxieties and bustle. If the whole strivest too much, though wilt only break thy own neck.

87. Forget thy delusions; pride, avarice and attachments are unworthy of thy notice,
O Nirbhaya

88. O Nirbhaya, burn up thy vasanas with the force of a whirlwind. In the hope of burning water, already half thy life has passed away.

89. O Nirbhaya, whatsoever thou lovest, love with all thy heart. This is the test – to know to say no to all else.

90. O Nirbhaya, today thou art very much agitated owing to anger with someone. This is the time to exert thyself in the self-control.

These stanzas should be repeated slowly every day by devotees of God.
This practice will be found most helpful,

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