Pursuit of coarse pleasures, coarse food, drink makes the mind gross

Pursuit of coarse pleasures, coarse food, drink and suchlike things makes the mind gross, and beefeaters mind, whiskey drinkers mind, is not competent to solve the subtle spiritual problems. As long as the mind finds delight in the course pleasures, sex and food et cetera, it is not competent for meditation.

The mind must be focused on a formula communicated by the teacher. When you go to a teacher and express your desire to be instructed in the divine science which ultimately culminates in inner illumination, he will give you discipline, and also a formula, a few words. He will ask you to focus the mind on them, these formulae are called mantras. I asked specifically constructed by the Masters who know the laws of sound from a higher scientific point of view. They know what kind of vibrations are set in motion when you express a certain formula, and how they accord with your own mind. This is what is called mantravidya. The teacher will whisper the formulae into your ear and you have to take it as a most sacred gift.

In the Veda this is Manana: constant contemplation of Brahman as taught by the teacher, and the strengthening of the conviction gained by arguments; constant constant thinking and strengthening the conviction gained by argument. In the Taittiriya Brahmana Upanishad there is a beautiful story about it. It is taken from a very old and holy classic. “Story of Bhrigu the sun of Varuna… He performed tapas… Food…… Prana….. Mind…. Intelligence… bliss.”

This illustrates how the mind receives understanding and how understanding leads to illumination. We must not be satisfied with the first results of our enquiry. He was told that the divine essence of truth is that out of which the whole universe is come, in which it abides and to which returns when dissolved. Naturally he first thought of matter. The doctrine of Lucretius. We live in matter, and when we die oxygen goes to oxygen and the other elements to their elements. Nothing remains. But he had teacher and he was not lost. Many are lost because they close their enquiry after slight progress. Every step has to be carefully analysed and referred to the teacher whether you have realised the highest or not.

Tapas is toil and discipline of the mind and constant focusing of the mind on the holy text or mantram which the teacher gives you, with reverence and veneration. Bhrigu and Indra realised Brahman by tapas. (Chandogya Upanishad). It means discipline of the eye, ear, taste, emotions. We have to guard held it like the doors of the king’s palace without letting anything come out of them which is not true which does not aim at uplifting the hearts of the people to higher truth. To listen to gossip is violation of tapas. Only to care for taste is a violation of tapas.

To let the mind harbour feelings of hate against Jew or Gentile is violation of the highest spiritual law and such a man is not fit to receive spiritual illumination. Simplicity and sattva is the first rule of life. No duplicity. The aim of speech and hearing and the rest is to know the truth and let the truth escape through the channels of the tongue and so forth. “This state of manana is called meditation.” It is of five kinds:

A contemplation;

B chanting of the name of God and the mantra communicated by the guru. The highest value is attached to it.

 C Shandilya-vidya.

D Bhuma-vidya.

E Mahavidya.


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